Meditation Journal: Week 02

This week I spent a lot of time listening to  Seeking The Inner Grove meditation as provided by the kind folks in the Three Cranes Grove. I added this meditation to the end of my Two Powers and the flow was really nice.

My meditations this week were all about continuing to get deeper into my Two Powers work while also cultivating more familiarity and comfort in my Inner Grove. I plan on keeping this up in the coming week of meditation work.


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Week 12: Ancestors, The Mighty Dead

In March 2016 I lost my first close friend as an adult. I’ve lost family members, and it’s been a tumultuous process, but I’m at the age where some of the people I spend the most amount of intimate time with are passing on. This has been inspirational for me in connecting to the Ancestors and keeping them and their power active in my life.

I have learned so many amazing things from the people that have come onto my path, and I am realizing just how much they are still part of what I do- regardless of their physical presence in my day-to-day existence. As I contemplate the fundamental importance of continuing to love and nurture the Ancestors in most every indigenous and ancient culture, I realize just how important this practice is for a healthy, happy, and whole life.

Based on dreams, moments of inspiration in the voices of the departed, and sheer synchronicity, I have no doubt that the Mighty Dead are in fact alive and well, somewhere. The more I work with my Druidry and spend time with them in thought and in ritual, the more they find creative and often surprising ways of reaffirming their presence with me.

I think that the people I have been close to who have passed on would be happiest if I kept them alive in my memories and in my heart while living my life in the fullest and most amazing way possible. As I cultivate a wider bridge to cross at my own death, I am grateful that I get to walk with those who have already crossed their own.


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Week 05: Nature Awareness 1

A few weeks before I got to this part of the DP, I ‘discovered’ a spot near my home that in 12 years I have never seen before. It’s a small but potent (in beauty and smell!) hot sulfur spring that bubbles up through a thick layer of resilient moss. It’s nestled against a foothill that’s home to small fish, giant boulders, and lots of meadow-loving wild flowers like Salsify, Mallow, and Yarrow.

I chose to do my Nature Awareness work right at the spring – it’s very private and during the day affords me plenty of undisturbed time to meditate, make offerings, and just be present. Over the past two weeks I’ve been going to my spot nearly every day to connect with the spring, a special boulder, to make prayers and offerings to the Kindred, and to connect to the spirits of the land that’s just 2 miles north of my house.



The single most powerful thing I’ve gotten from my time at the spring is a real, palpable, and consistent sense of presence. While I can’t necessarily define every source of that presence, I can say with total confidence that I am not alone in that place – and in fact that I am heard, seen, and related to by non-human beings. The spring itself was silent for many days, but slowly I am starting to feel heard by her, and feel that she moves forward when I come for my daily visits. The spring has definitely been the focus of my Nature Awareness work thus far, but unexpected things have happened. I have been addressing the spring as Donu, and that seems to be going well so far.


Silent Giant

A few days ago as I was walking out of the foothills where the spring is located, I was pulled in a direction I usually don’t go. My dog was with me that day, and she wandered into a new part of the meadow and started grazing on grasses. As I looked up, I saw a solitary boulder, probably 8 feet tall, basking in the sun. This boulder and I instantly became friends. I sat with it, listened, and spoke. I made offerings, and touched it. I think this is the first time that I’ve ever really felt the individual expression in a stone – the individual that I am relating to in my Nature Awareness work.



Another experience I have been having consistently when I go out with the intention to sit, listen, share, and relate is with the winds, Xuetos. I have really been hearing them speak and stir, and have been experiencing them as intentional and active spirits in their own right. They have shared several pieces of wisdom with me about how I can work with them for my own spiritual growth and connection to the Three Kindred, and I’m trying to incorporate some of that into my journey now.


I carry a small tin filled with copper and bronze beads and tiny torcs, gemstone chips, fragrant herbs, and other things with me all the time. I’m always prepared to hold an offering, no matter how small, to my heart before sharing it with a new relation.

Friends Green and Cackling

As I spend more time in this space being as open, aware, friendly, and present as I can, I have noticed that the animals and plants are responding differently to me. The skittish Killdeer which usually squeaks in alarm and runs into the meadow when I approach has started to back off slowly without a sound. Circling crows have stuck around, and the fish in the hot sulfur spring and stream seem interested in my reflection on the water’s surface. They seem to know I am there and that I am there to relate. My small tokens of love and respect seem to have a meaning to them in ways resonant to how they have meaning to me – I cannot wait to see how these relationships develop over time.


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