Week 12: Ancestors, The Mighty Dead

In March 2016 I lost my first close friend as an adult. I’ve lost family members, and it’s been a tumultuous process, but I’m at the age where some of the people I spend the most amount of intimate time with are passing on. This has been inspirational for me in connecting to the Ancestors and keeping them and their power active in my life.

I have learned so many amazing things from the people that have come onto my path, and I am realizing just how much they are still part of what I do- regardless of their physical presence in my day-to-day existence. As I contemplate the fundamental importance of continuing to love and nurture the Ancestors in most every indigenous and ancient culture, I realize just how important this practice is for a healthy, happy, and whole life.

Based on dreams, moments of inspiration in the voices of the departed, and sheer synchronicity, I have no doubt that the Mighty Dead are in fact alive and well, somewhere. The more I work with my Druidry and spend time with them in thought and in ritual, the more they find creative and often surprising ways of reaffirming their presence with me.

I think that the people I have been close to who have passed on would be happiest if I kept them alive in my memories and in my heart while living my life in the fullest and most amazing way possible. As I cultivate a wider bridge to cross at my own death, I am grateful that I get to walk with those who have already crossed their own.


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