Meditation Journal: Week 01

The last week of meditation work has been really good, and I am proud about how things have gone and where they’ve gone.

As part of my 1st book review, I am reading The Horse, The Wheel, and Language by David W. Anthony. In this text, on page 134, he gives an amazing retelling of the classic reconstructed Proto-Indo-European creation story. I absolutely love this story, and its resonance with me is one of the reasons why I am so attracted to the PIE hearth culture. I have been meditating on this story daily for the past week to not only memorize it and unfold its meanings, but to also learn what it might mean for me as an individual.

My meditations this week have started with the Two Powers meditation, then working on my inner Grove and connecting with Deiwos, W’kpotes, and Xansus through offering and prayer, and ending with a visual meditation on the creation story mentioned above.

I am meditating at night right now, but want to start, one day at a time, working a dawn/sunrise meditation into my routine so that I can greet the day and the procession of the solar Deiwos Dyaus Pter, Sawelyosyo Dhugter, and Diwos Sunu as Xausos opens up the gates of dawn. I am planning to start waking up with the dawn on Sundays to do a simple offering and meditation, then see if it’s something that makes sense worked into other days of the week as well.


Dangler, Rev. Michael J. Through The Wheel Of The Year. ADF Publishing. 2016. PDF.
Anthony, David W. The Horse, The Wheel, and Language. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 2007. Print.
Three Cranes Grove. Web. Accessed frequently.
Various. Our Own Druidry. ADF Publishing. 2009. Print.


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