Week 09: The Second High Holy Day: An Explanation

While I’m sure my research is far from complete, I have not been able to track down a good Proto-Indo-European equivalent for the Summer Solstice/Litha. That being said, there are plenty of cognate cultures with celebrations around this time of year, and a few Deities that really fit in with the energy and meaning we’ve come to know about this time of year.

PIE Summer Solstice

I have chosen to make Summer Solstice a celebration of the Solar Deities and Their trek across the daytime sky. For me, this starts with Xausos and Diwos Sunu, then leads to Sawelyosyo Dhughter, and finally reaching Dyaus Pter. This is a celebration of power, light, inspiration, and warmth with a side-focus on the Xartus in general.

For me, Summer Solstice is a time for hope, inspiration, change, and healing. The Solar Deities are all givers of gifts that focus around relationship and inspiration, so I chose to focus on that. It’s a time of honoring the daily trek of the Solar Deities and what that journey means to us humans and our lives. It’s a time of honoring how much actually goes in to the working of the universe that we often take for granted. It’s a time for recognizing how present and even approachable many of these Deities have been and continue to be for us.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to grasp some of the beginning concepts of the Xartus, so I really made that a focus of my prayers as I wrote this ritual. I am making note of how much the Solar Deities harmonize the endless branches of the World Tree while also giving us access in different ways to how the Xartus and ourselves can become aligned.

I wrote my ritual based loosely on the one written for this High Day by Teo Bishop, but made a variety of changes while keeping the Dore Order of Ritual in place.


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