Week 08: Meditation and Mental Training

I have been really excited to start journaling about my meditation work- partly because I enjoy ‘unpacking’ it through writing, and partly because I think journaling will help with consistency and monitoring how things evolve over time.

My usual daily meditation is simply doing the 2 Powers Meditation, with a bit more emphasis on the three cauldrons/energy centers and ensuring that they are filled, balanced, and strong. Over the past couple of weeks, however, I have started to add to the 2 Powers Meditation and work on Inner Grove visualizations and experiences.

So far this has simply been creating an imaginal grove with Tree, Well, and Fire, and inviting specific or sometimes general Kindred to join me. Usually I am connecting to Diwos Sunu and Pria along with my Ancestors and some of my plant allies, but I have also had experiences where things went in a more ‘general’ direction- and that felt really fulfilling as well. I spend time praising, making heart offerings, sharing, and opening up to receive blessings.

This practice is evolving on its own in a really pleasing way, so I plan on sticking with it and seeing where it goes.


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