Week 04: First High Day Recap – Beltane

My Beltane celebration honored Dyeus Pter, the Shining Sky Father. Paxuson acted as gatekeeper.

I chose to use the basic ritual structure written originally by Teo Bishop for Solidary Druid Fellowship, but made a few changes. I didn’t do any magical workings, and did a lot of re-writing of the prayers and invocations to suit my own personality and connection the Kindred.

I ran this ritual solitary at sun’s zenith on May 1, 2016, and put a lot of pre-planning into it which really paid off. I had all of my offerings set up in marked individual cups, and highlighted my ritual notes so that I could follow them without a lot of awkward silences. I made space for spontaneous prayer offerings which was really nice, and felt very good about how the entire ritual progressed.


I felt really good about this ritual. I have often been attracted to Dyeus Pter, but have had a hard time connecting tangibly which is why I chose to honor him specifically here. I definitely felt connected, and was given a lot of inspiration and confidence about nurturing that connection. I even got inspired during ritual about how to best represent him on my shrine. I left the ritual feeling Dyeus Pter to be more approachable than I had previously felt, and also felt much closer to the deities I usually connect to – Pria, Paxuson, and Xausos. The generally feeling of the ritual was about grounding out my relationship with the Shining Ones in a more practical and everyday way. I got lots of inspiration about shrine work, representing the deities, and a feeling of ‘permission’ about approaching them with more confidence and camaraderie. I also felt very connected to the spirits of nature, and have since really rekindled my love of relating to the trees and staying open to their wisdom – it’s easy for me to forget I have those allies sometimes, so this was a welcomed reminder.



I used Phillip Carr-Gomm’s Druid Animal Oracle to draw an omen. Eventually I want to use Oghams, but this is what I had to work with this time around. I drew two cards – one was for what the Kindred suggest I focus on in my spiritual development until the next High Day, the second was a blessing to help me attain that development. I drew Dog for the goal, and Blackbird for the support. I interpreted this as simply to work on my loyalty, friendship, and trust to the Kindred every day in every way – to really dig in and become close to them in a practical, reliable, and dependable way. The Blackbird suggested that I not hesitate to use meditation, visualization, prayer, magic, and ritual work to help foster these deeper levels of love and connection to the Kindred.

Hail the Beltane Fire!


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