Week 03: The First High Day

My first High Day essay revolves around Beltane. Since I work in a reconstructed Proto-Indo-European hearth, *Pria is generally the deity being celebrated at this time due to the abundance of flowering trees and budding garden spaces. I would normally align with that, but this time around the wheel I decided to take Beltane as a time to connect with and celebrate Dyeus Pter.

I chose to celebrate Dyeus Pter because of how I see and experience Beltane. For me, this time of year is the true return of the Sun. There’s no doubt that the great wheel of fire in the sky is moving towards its zenith, and we can really start to perceive its effects on the Earth Mother and ourselves. The trees are growing tall, plants are sprouting, the days are noticeably longer, and people are more active. I also see Beltane as a time when the rolling thunder wheel of *Perkwunos makes way for the wheel of the sun.

For me, Beltane and the days surrounding it is the time when winter is truly over. It gets me outside more, the weather gets nice enough for more outdoor ritual and meditation, and the green world comes to life. This is the time of year when I get to watch the plants transform solar energy into food for us, and the time when I can more easily connect to the circle of life.

The sun warms and brings light to those places that may have become stagnant, cold, and brittle. It shines through the world tree and delivers many enlightening messages from the Shining Ones. It activates, stimulates, and heals whatever we are willing to expose to the light.


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